Life Insurance Made Crystal Clear

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Learn InsMark

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  1. First, let’s focus on how you can access InsMark’s vast library of life insurance sales ideas, case studies and sample presentations.
  2. If you can find InsMark sales concepts that will help you close larger cases in less time, you will have the motivation to spend a few minutes and figure out how to use the InsMark software (described in point #3 below).

    This link will guide you to find and learn InsMark sales ideas for your clients.

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  3. Watch a video from Life Member of the Top of The Table, Simon Singer, on why he uses InsMark’s Wealthy and Wise® software with every client.
  4. This video provides some remarkable insights into how Wealthy and Wise can be used to help clients understand the impact of financial planning and how life insurance can dramatically improve short, medium and long term results.

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  5. Watch the “Getting Started With The InsMark Illustration System” video below.
  6. Once you’ve reviewed the material in sections #1 and #2 above, you should be excited to actually learn how to use the InsMark software.  The video below will teach you how to get started creating great sales presentations for your clients using the InsMark Illustration System.

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    Additional Training Resources

    Click here to access additional InsMark training videos and other support information (as well as find a master list of link references).

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