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If you can find InsMark sales concepts that will help you close larger cases in less time, you will have the motivation to spend a few minutes and figure out how to use the InsMark software (or the motivation to delegate this assignment to staff... always a good option).  To find and learn InsMark sales ideas for your clients, do the following:

Step 1.  The web page you are looking at now is one of the Inner Pages of InsMark’s weekly blog.  Next, you will see several navigation buttons at the top of the screen.  Now, click to the Blog Index.

Step 2.  Once at the Blog Index, you will see the following menu choices:

Blogs By Sales Concept

Quick Study Blogs

Blogs By InsMark Software Product

InsMark Blog Hall Of Fame

QuickView Index

To start, click the “Blogs By Sales Concept” menu choice.  Once there, scroll down and you will see a number of different planning categories (Annuity Rescue, Business Valuation, Buy Sell Planning, etc.).  For example, keep scrolling down and click on “Permanent vs. Term Comparisons”.  Then, you will see that InsMark has published several blogs on the “Permanent vs. Term Comparisons” section.

Next, notice how you can hover over each blog title to get an idea of what each blog article is about.  Now, to see one of these blogs in the “Permanent vs. Term Comparisons” section, click on “Blog #122: Term Insurance for $1.00”.  This will take to you Blog #122.

Now, go ahead and read the “Blog #122: Term Insurance for $1.00” blog article from top to bottom.  By reading this one blog, you will get a good idea of how each week?s blog is structured.  For example, in Blog #122, you will notice that we featured a client case study and then provided links to the final client sales presentation (shown as links from the Blog to PDFs).

Step 3.  When done reading Blog #122, click the Blog Index again in the top navigation bar.  Now click on the second menu choice “Quick Study Blogs”.  Here you will find the name of each InsMark software program and then the blogs that will help you get up to speed on the program the fastest.  For example, you will see “InsMark Illustration System” and then a few blogs listed underneath that we recommend for new users of the InsMark Illustration System.

Step 4.  Click on the Blog Index again in the top navigation bar.  Now click on the third menu choice “Blogs By InsMark Software Product”. Then, if you click on any of the InsMark software programs listed, you will see a listing of every blog that we’ve created that uses that InsMark program to create the presentations for that blog.  So, if you only have one InsMark software program, this will give you a quick listing of all of the blogs that can help you.

Back at the Blog Index Main Menu, the InsMark Blog Hall Of Fame choice shows you those blogs that we think are the best sales ideas in the entire blog platform.  And, finally, the “QuickView Index” menu option is a way to see every blog listed sequentially and then see which InsMark software programs were used to create the presentations in each blog.

Step 5.  As you review different blogs, you will see that each blog will typically have a case study that features a sample client along with InsMark presentations that were used to calculate and present a financial solution for that client.  Next, for those blogs that do include InsMark presentations, scroll down the blog until you get to a section titled “InsMark Digital Workbook Files”.  There, you will see an instructional video (image of two puzzle pieces).  Click on this video and it will explain how you can upload Workbook files to your InsMark software and then see every single entry we made in the InsMark software to create any of the featured presentations in any of the InsMark blogs.

(Note:  Some InsMark blogs do not have any InsMark presentations and so those blogs will not have the “InsMark Digital Workbook Files” section.)

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